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Light provides in the room contrast and shadow. Lighting design is a complex topic for the building. Lighting arrangement in any type of building makes attractive. In all type of the decoration lighting is more important and done by Interior Designers in Rajkot . Lightning arrangement indicates that how well the interior designer can decided and arrange as per requirement of the building. In the lighting design so many things to think for the decoration a new building. Different type of building such bank, hospitals school, colleges, homes.

Interior Designers in Rajkot

Interior Designer in Rajkot

Different types of factories, homes, different types of shops. Different types of offices and other types of building needs different types of light arrangement. We need to select the light with very carefully. If the light source is too even then it will become bland and give little stimulation which leads to a boring and depressed felling in the room. It is more suitable if the light beams focus in all directions from its source without any type of obstruction instead of focus in a particular direction. Because if the light focus in a particular direction then it make the room appears small as it does not highlight the corner of the room.

Interior Decorators in Rajkot

Interior Decorator in Rajkot

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Generally we can choose two types of light arrangement such as up lighters and down lighter. Up lighter and down lighter are spotlights that rely on the reflected light off the floor. The down lighter come in all sorts of forms that gives a narrow beam hat spread down to the floor. It can also use to illuminate an object directly at a pinch. In other side the up lighter can be free standing r may be mounted directly to the wall. Either fully shrouded or have a translucent shade giving an overall ambient light as well as reflecting light.