Interior Designers in Kollam

It is a place where you can relaxed and refresh from worries and work stresses. You can choose your bedroom style according to your needs and nature, whether it is modern, traditional or transitional. Bedroom is entirely a private horizon. Paint color play a dominant role enhances the beauty of bedroom. Some eye catching colors evoke certain emotions or moods. Interior Designers in Kollam will make a perfect design for your house, office. You may choose right color according to your mood. You can choose jewel color shades to create a romantic and soothing feelings. Gray and brown color can be fine modern color combination that gives you a cozy feel.

Interior Designers in Kollam

Interior Designer in Kollam

Combination of white with bright red, yellow and orange accents will energize the place and your mood. You may choose cool color as light blues, greens provides a soothing feeling that add comfort to bedroom. These colors also expand small bedroom, visually making the space look larger. You may choose cartoon paintings, smiley faces for your child bedrooms. Lighting design and lighting color also affects your mood. Lights provides pleasant look for your bedroom.

Interior Decorators in Kollam

Interior Decorator in Kollam

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The lighting creates soothing, relaxed and clam atmosphere. Low glare light is advised for reading. You may choose various type of lamps available in market like table lamp, floor lamp, canister lamp etc. provides warm and dim romantic lights. There are some type of lights like accent lighting, ambient lighting, florescent lighting etc. which have their special effects. There are some other points that attract your eyes like dressing table, bed sorts, bed sheets, pillows and cushions, bedroom curtains and canopies, bedroom flooring etc. These items also affect your mood. You may choose appropriate items according to your match.