Interior Designers in Ernakulam

It was the time when man begins to live in caves to protect him from cold, rain and hot seasons. There he might have used to draw the walls of these caves to express his feelings. He drew the pictures of different kinds of animals and hunting scenes. He drew the pictures of animals such as bull, horses, bison, deer, fox etc. Thus his first designing developed in the form of pictures of objects. These pictures still can be seen in ancient caves in guidance of Interior Designers in Ernakulam. Means of bring the things which were in routine of ancient man was through the existing way of their communication. What kind of language was used is not known, only proof of such kinds of pictures was found in ancient caves in womb of primitive mountains.

Interior Designers in Ernakulam

Interior Designer in Ernakulam

They select those things for their object of designing and gradually they started to give wings to their thoughts and imagination. The interest of clan heads and chieftains of group might have promoted the fields of sketching the various shapes and pictures. Later came the time of kings and Emperors, most of them took interest and they supported such persons who were good enough for this field. With the increase of education in Indian society the field of designing started to develop and such people increase in society to work in this field.

Interior Decorators in Ernakulam

Interior Decorator in Ernakulam

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There are various temples in India their designing is unique in the world. Designing work in Khurao caves, Tower of victory at chitore. Jain temple at Abu, Sheer Shah Tomb and various kind of fort, palaces are the good examples. Proof of fine designing in country fortress are best example of designing in India.