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The Primitives or ancient history of Interior designers of India is not available in written. It does not mean that Indians could not record the designing information anywhere. Certainly it could have been done surely. Possibility is there that they could not preserve that. It cannot be denied the possibilities of destroying Indian history. And be rewritten after having certain changes. Nothing can be said perfectly in real world. Indian land attracted various rulers of the world and attacked from time to time. It is though that Aryans were the first attackers on India. They came from the North West and the residents of west were driven away towards the south of India. These people were The real Dravidians. Get leading interior designers in Coimbatore here.

Interior Designers in Coimbatore Interior Designer in Coimbatore

Interior designer in Coimbatore

The culture of these people was very high and rich. The excavations of Mohenjo-Daro and culture of Sindhu culture revels various information of this culture. The houses and various kinds of constructions were well designed. From the East part of country The Huns attacked and these settled themselves in The Eastern part of the country. Likewise Muslims came and plundered this country. They wanted to finish the Hindu culture and destroyed their various temples. And erected Mosques and forcefully converted Hindus into Muslims. Some of them returned back after looting. Some of them stayed here and ruled this country for several centuries.

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Interior Decorator in Coimbatore

They constructed various buildings for different uses. Their designers were really highly skilled. Anyone can notice their decent designing in present era. We have complete Interior Designers in Coimbatore list. One of the best examples is the Tajmahal at Agra city. Its designing is world famous and it is one the Seven Wonders of the World. The French, The protegees, The Britishers came and effected the original designing of Dravidians.